Pumpkintown Fire Department- Board of Directors
Chairman:  Bill Alexander

Vice Chairman: Bryan

Treasurer: Duane

Secretary: Denise Blecke

Member at Large: Dr.
Jim Mahanes
There are 5 members on
the Board of Directors.  
Members serve for 3
years.  At the end of the
term, they can apply to
keep thier seat on the
Board. Members of the
public who are interested in
serving may put in an
application with Pickens
County to apply for an open
Scheduled Board Meetings
-13 January 2015 - Budget Presentation
-10 February 2015 - Final Presentation
-14 April 2015
-9 June 2015
-11 August 2015
-13 October 2015
-8 December 2015 - Annual Board
Meeting & first Planning session for
next Budget
If interested in applying for a seat on
the board please fill out the application
and submit it to Pickens County: